Two new minerals, badengzhuite, TiP, and zhiqinite, TiSi 2 , from the Cr-11 chromitite orebody, Luobusa ophiolite, Tibet, China: is this evidence for super-reduced mantle-derived fluids?

European Journal of Mineralogy, pp. 557-574, 2020.

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Abstract. Titanium minerals enclosed in corundum separated from the Cr-11 orebody\ninclude native Ti, zamboite (FeTiSi 2 ), osbornite (TiN)-khamrabaevite\n(TiC) solid solutions, and jingsuiite (TiB 2 ), as well as the new\nminerals badengzhuite (TiP) and zhiqinite (TiSi 2 ) and two potentially\nnew minerals, Ti 11 (Si,P )10 and Ti 10 (Si...More



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