A Hybrid Model of Fuzzy Logic and Grey Relation Analysis to Evaluate Tight Gas Formation Quality Comprehensively


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A novel fuzzy logic and grey relation analysis hybrid model is proposed and demonstrated with a practical application. The tight gas formation quality evaluation is a complex system with the features of incompleteness, inadequacy in their information, and uncertainty in the inaccuracy naturally existing in the available data. This paper tries to solve the problem based on the hybrid methods of the fuzzy logic and grey relation analysis. First, based on the parameters of the constructed wells, several elements were chosen as appraisal factors. Then, the input parameters were partitioned into fuzzy regions, represented by the individual membership rules, which are obtained by using fuzzy clustering. Next, grey relation analysis is used to determine the weights of the indices. Finally, the fuzzy logic and grey relation analysis are combined to assess the formation quality comprehensively. The results from the hybrid model show that they are accurate and also provide some insight into the nonlinear relationship represented by the model. Practical application results demonstrated a good agreement between the measured initial production and the output of the fuzzy model.
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Formation Quality,Comprehensive Evaluation,Fuzzy Logic,Grey Relation Analysis,Practical Application
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