Performance Enhancement and Signal Distortion Analysis of Virtually Doped Nanotube Tunnel FET with Embedded Ferroelectric Gate Oxide


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This paper demonstrates the effect of ferroelectric gate oxide on the electrostatic doped nanotube tunnel field-effect transistor (FE-ED-NTTFET). The proposed device is a dopingless device, and the electrostatic doped method is used for the operation of the device. For electrostatic doped operation, the operating source voltage (V-S) for the proposed device is -1.2 V. The intrinsic doping is used throughout the device. The thin ferroelectric material with a width of 2 nm is used as the gate oxide, to improve the performance of the proposed FE-ED-NTTFET device. For the detailed investigation of the proposed FE-ED-NTTFET device, the following parameters are taken into consideration such as device parameters, analogue parameters, and linearity parameters. In device parameters, energy band diagram, quasi Fermi-level of electron and hole, electron/hole mobility, electric filed, non-local tunneling (BTBT), and hole/electron concentration are taken into consideration. In analogue parameters ON current, OFF current, I-ON/I-OFF current ratio, threshold voltage, and sub-threshold swings are considered. For small-signal analysis linearity parameters such as TGF, cut-off frequencies, HD2, HD3, VIP2, VIP3, IIP3, and IMD3 have been discussed. The proposed FE-ED-NTTFET device shows the higher ON current (I-ON) 6.24uA, lower OFF current (I-OFF) order of 10(-17) A, higher I-ON/I-OFF current ratio 1*10(12,) and better sub-threshold swing (SS) 12 mV/decade for gate voltage (V-GS) 1.2 V.
Electrostatic doped, Ferroelectric material, BTBT, Tunneling, TFET, Nano-tube, Linearity analysis, Dopingless, Nanowires
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