An experimental study on emission characteristics in compression ignition engine with silver and zinc coated catalytic converter

Materials Today: Proceedings(2021)

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Effect of harmful emission like oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and smoke (or) particulate matter (PM) from automobile vehicles to the environment become an addressable topic nowadays. In general NOx and smoke levels are slightly higher in diesel engine compared to petrol engine due to excess Oxygen (O2) supply, high in-cylinder temperature & improper mixing (Heterogeneous mixture) of fuel & air. These emissions are normally controlling by either combustion or by after treatment process. To control these emissions in after treatment process, three-way catalytic converter coated with noble materials like platinum, palladium & rhodium is used in diesel as well as petrol engines. In this present work, various emission characteristics were studied in single cylinder, water cooled, four stroke direct injection diesel engine with and without silver & zinc coated catalytic converter. Experimental results shown that diesel engine with silver (Ag) & zinc (Zn) coated catalytic converter provide 70% of reduction in NOx, 60% of reduction in CO, 55% of reduction in HC and 40% of reduction in CO2 emissions respectively at the exhaust pipe in full load condition compared with conventional diesel engine.
After treatment process,Catalytic converter,Emissions,Silver and zinc
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