Gender Blindness In Economics And Business Studies


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There is abundant international and national legislation requiring the inclusion of the gender perspective in higher education. This legislation is motivated by a social demand to avoid perpetuating gender inequality. This study investigates in detail the studies of economics and business in a Spanish university through an analysis of its activities and content from a gender perspective. Specifically, the teaching plans and their academic references are examined complemented with a qualitative analysis gathered through third- and fourth-year students focus groups. The results show how the gender perspective is only anecdotally present in the academic content and that bibliographic references and most of the senior academic figures are male, thus perpetuating the belief that knowledge is embodied in a masculine figure. The discussion groups with students confirm their lack of knowledge of the causes and consequences of gender inequalities, which makes them incapable of forming a critical vision of the economy and society. The results highlight the need to analyze aspects related to the transfer of current regulations to universities.
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Key words
gender perspective, higher education, economics, business, gender inequality, feminisim, inclusive teaching
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