TRIDENT Schemes for Small Data Transmission in Industrial IoT System


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To support the numerous small data package transmission from the prosperously growing number of connected devices in industrial internet of things (IIoT) networks, the transmission schemes specifically designed for the small data package are eager to have due to inefficiency of using current scheduling-based schemes. Three types of transmission schemes are being promoted in the 5G standardization and its evaluation to optimally suit the properties of small data transmission. The Early Data Transmission (EDT) and Fast Data Transmission (FDT) incorporates the data package into the random access procedure in Msg.3 and Msg.1, respectively; while the Pure Data Transmission (PDT) is designed to initiate the data transmission even without trying actually access the network. The TRIDENT schemes are proved to be commercial success by being included in the current Release(s) of LTE & 5G communication network standard and being evolved in the future Releases.
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Key words
random access, small data transmission, access latency, IIoT
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