Implementation of automated motor starter unit for smart farming in India.

Karthik Muthineni, Akhil Yalagonda, Praveen Gorla,Tarun Pulluri


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Abstract Agriculture is one of the key enabler for the economic development of India that accounts for one third of nation's income. Due to the problems that agriculture industry is facing, there is a need to introduce automation in agriculture that improves the efficiency. This paper presents the implementation of Automated Motor Starter Unit (AMSU) for smart farming applicable to Indian scenario. In addition, current technologies and attempts in smart farming are reviewed and discussed. More than 90% of Indian farmers have been using motors for their farm fields which are controlled by single phase or three phase power supplies. The AMSU has been designed to turn on/off motor in the farm field using mobile phone having cellular network from any place. The AMSU is selected to increase the operation efficiency by minimizing the manual operation of motors for which farmer need to go to the farm field.
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