An interprofessional model of care for oral health during pregnancy.

Journal of interprofessional care(2022)

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The study aim was to appraise the relevance and appropriateness of an interprofessional prenatal oral care model among pregnant women and healthcare providers in British Columbia (BC), Canada. Audio-recorded semi-structured interviews with 39 purposefully selected participants (13 pregnant women and 26 healthcare professionals) were used qualitatively to appraise relevance of an existing model. The existing model emphasizes communication and collaboration among multiple health providers for the delivery of integrated prenatal oral care. All interviews were transcribed verbatim and analyzed using an inductive thematic approach and N-Vivo® software. During the first round of interviews, most participants considered the existing model as simple and well-defined but not fully relevant to the BC context. The participants suggested revisions to Steven's model to incorporate facilitators of integrated care, including interprofessional education, oral health funding, and advocacy for oral healthcare. Participants suggested a different graphical portrayal for the revised model; an implementation guide was also suggested. A revised model based on participants' feedback, was shared with 14 of the initial participants during secondary interviews. Further evaluation of the appropriateness of the revised model is warranted.
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Key words
Interprofessional care,integration,interprofessional education,oral health,prenatal care
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