A Fine-Grained River Ice Semantic Segmentation based on Attentive Features and Enhancing Feature Fusion

International Multimedia Conference(2021)

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ABSTRACTThe semantic segmentation of frazil ice and anchor ice is of great significance for river management, ship navigation, and ice hazard forecasting in cold regions. Especially, distinguishing frazil ice from sediment-carrying anchor ice can increase the estimation accuracy of the sediment transportation capacity of the river. Although the river ice semantic segmentation methods based on deep learning has achieved great prediction accuracy, there is still the problem of insufficient feature extraction. To address this problem, we proposed a Fine-Grained River Ice Semantic Segmentation (FGRIS) based on attentive features and enhancing feature fusion to deal with these challenges. First, we propose a Dual-Attention Mechanism (DAM) method, which uses a combination of channel attention features and position attention features to extract more comprehensive semantic features. Then, we proposed a novel Branch Feature Fusion (BFF) module to bridge the semantic feature gap between high-level feature semantic features and low-level semantic features, which is robust to different scales. Experimental results conducted on Alberta River Ice Segmentation Dataset demonstrate the superiority of the proposed method.
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Key words
attentive features,segmentation,fine-grained
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