Identification of microwave heating system with symmetrical octagonal tube cavity using ARX model

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science(2022)

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Abstract As one of the complex technologies in the heating process, microwave heating system has gained attentions in the recent years. A further development of microwave heating control technology becomes necessary considering its superiorities in less energy consumption, volumetric heating ability and satisfying mechanical properties. Several studies on microwave heating system modelling were conducted to encourage the controller design. This work presents the modelling of a microwave heating system using autoregressive with exogenous variables or so-called ARX. The modelling conducted in this research applied the approach of input-output identification method. The generation of input-output datasets for the identification of microwave heating system was carried out in COMSOL simulation environment using symmetrical octagonal tube cavity design with two magnetrons as the inputs and five temperature sensors as the output measurement devices. For the validation and evaluation of the approach, MATLAB identification system toolbox was utilized to find the best ARX model based on the given input-output datasets. The validation test shows that the best ARX model can reach more than 93% in the fit value given all the datasets for all the outputs, while for the evaluation using the perturbed signals from the outside of datasets, the chosen model can obtain 97.35% in the average of the fit value for all the outputs.
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microwave heating system,symmetrical octagonal tube cavity,microwave heating
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