Interferons and interferon receptors in the channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus

Sylvie M A Quiniou, Jonathan Crider, Kristianna L Felch,Eva Bengtén,Pierre Boudinot

Fish & Shellfish Immunology(2022)

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In this work, we describe the complete repertoire of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, IFNs and IFN receptor genes. Based on multiple genomic and transcriptomic resources we identified 16 type I IFN genes, which represent the six type I IFN subgroups previously defined in salmonids (a-f.) No representatives of subgroup h previously only found in percomorphs were identified. An expansion in copy numbers of subgroup d IFN genes was of particular interest, as this has not been reported in other fish species to date. Furthermore, we confirmed the presence of two type II ifn genes encoding orthologs of IFNγ and the teleost-specific IFNγRel. Six homologs of IFN type I receptor genes were found in an array that shows conserved synteny with human chromosome 21. Three homologs of type II IFN receptor genes were also identified. These type I and type II receptor sequences are compatible with the dual type I IFN receptors, and the potentially more complex type II IFN receptors described in teleosts. Our data provide a comprehensive resource for future studies of channel catfish innate antiviral immunity.
Interferon,Antiviral immunity,Teleost,Inflammation,Innate immunity,Channelcatfish
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