PyKokkos: Performance Portable Kernels in Python

2022 IEEE/ACM 44th International Conference on Software Engineering: Companion Proceedings (ICSE-Companion)(2022)

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As modern supercomputers have increasingly heterogeneous hardware, the need for writing parallel code that is both portable and performant across different hardware architectures increases. Kokkos is a C++ library that provides abstractions for writing performance portable code. Using Kokkos, programmers can write their code once and run it efficiently on a variety of architectures. However, the target audience of Kokkos, typically scientists, prefers dynamically typed languages such as Python instead of C++. We demonstrate a framework, dubbed PyKokkos, that enables performance portable code through Python. PyKokkos transparently translates code written in a subset of Python to C++ and Kokkos, and then connects the generated code to Python by automatically generating language bindings. PyKokkos achieves performance comparable to Kokkos in ExaMiniMD, a ~3k lines of code molecular dynamics mini-application. The demo video for PyKokkos can be found at
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PyKokkos,Python,high performance computing,Kokkos
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