Pressure sensitivity for head, face and neck in relation to soft tissue

Applied Ergonomics(2023)

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Pressure sensitivity research on the head, face, and neck is critical to develop ways to reduce discomfort caused by pressure in head-related products. The aim of this paper is to provide information for designers to be able to reduce the pressure discomfort by studying the relation between pressure sensitivity and soft tissue in the head, face and neck. We collected pressure discomfort threshold (PDT) and pressure pain threshold (PPT) from 119 landmarks (unilateral) for 36 Chinese subjects. Moreover, soft tissue thickness data on the head, face and neck regions of 50 Chinese people was obtained through CT scanning while tissue deformation data under the PDT and PPT states was obtained from literature. The results of the three-elements correlation analysis revealed that soft tissue thickness is positively correlated with deformation but not an important factor in pressure sensitivity. Our high-precision pressure sensitivity maps confirm earlier findings of more rough pressure sensitivity studies, while also revealing additional fine scale sensitivity differences. Finally, based on the findings, a high-precision "recommended map” of the optimal stress-bearing area of the head, face and neck was generated.
Pressure discomfort,CT data,Product design
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