A network programmability framework for vertical applications in the beyond 5G era

H. Koumaras,D. Tsolkas,J. Garcia大牛学者, D. Artunedo, B. Garcia, R. Marco, A. Salkintzis,D. Fragkos,G. Makropoulos, F. Setaki, A. Diaz, P. Merino,V. Koumaras, P. Encinar, Y. Karadimas

2022 Joint European Conference on Networks and Communications & 6G Summit (EuCNC/6G Summit)(2022)

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Programmability in 5G Core (5GC) enables operators to open telecom network capabilities and services to third-party developers, allowing them to establish innovative network-aware vertical applications. This openness is materialized through the 5G Service Based Architecture (SBA) that exposes the network intelligence to the vertical applications through standardized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Building upon the application empowerment that the programmable APIs can offer unleashing new business potentials, the ecosystem of Network Applications (NetApps) emerges to stand as a facilitating middleware between the network and applications. This study presents the architectural and implementation aspects of an open all-encompassing framework for NetApps considering their entire spanning from their development to their final publication in the market.
5G,Network Applications,Network Programmability,EVOL VED-5G
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