Physical-layer impairment estimation for arbitrary spectral-shaped signals in optical networks


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In long-haul fiber-optic networks, precise modeling of physical-layer impairments (PLIs) is crucial to optimizing network resource usage while ensuring adequate transmission quality. In order to accurately estimate PLIs, many mathematical models have been proposed. Among them, the so-called Gaussian noise (GN) model is one of the most accurate and simple enough to use on complex continental-size networks. However, the closed-form GN model assumes that the signals can be represented as having rectangular spectra, leading to a significant estimation error in typical cases when this assumption is violated. We propose the component-wise Gaussian noise (CWGN) PLI model that can account for arbitrary spectral-shaped demands. The CWGN model is computationally simple and suitable for most network management approaches. Results indicate that the CWGN model can prevent as much as a 136% overestimation of the PLIs resulting from the closed-form GN model applied to network lightpaths containing cascaded filters. (C) 2022 Optica Publishing Group under the terms of the Optica Open Access Publishing Agreement
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