Digital Intervention in Loneliness in Older Adults: Qualitative Analysis of User Studies.

JMIR Formative Research(2023)

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Smartphone apps have the potential to increase older adults' awareness of the richness of their social connections, which may support loneliness reduction. Our qualitative approach to app design enabled the inclusion of older adults' experiences in technology design. Thus, we conclude that the older adults in our study most desired functionalities that can support mutual activities and maintain or find new connections rather than enable them to share an emotional state. They were wary of the app replacing their preferred in-person social interaction. Participants also raised concerns about making the user aware of the lack of support in their social network and wanted specific means of addressing their needs. Further user-centered design work could identify how the app can support mutual activities and socializing.
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digital connections,loneliness,older adults,reflection,social identity,social network,user-centered design,well-being apps
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