Message Passing Graph Neural Networks for Software Security Vulnerability Detection

2022 International Conference on Computer Network, Electronic and Automation (ICCNEA)(2022)

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With the booming development of deep learning and machine learning, the use of neural networks for software source code security vulnerability detection has become a hot pot in the field of software security. As a data structure, graphs can adequately represent the complex syntactic information, semantic information, and dependencies in software source code. In this paper, we propose the MPGVD model based on the idea of text classification in natural language processing. The model uses BERT for source code pre-training, transforms graphs into corresponding feature vectors, uses MPNN (Message Passing Neural Networks) based on graph neural networks in the feature extraction phase, and finally outputs the detection results. Our proposed MPGVD, compared with other existing vulnerability detection models on the same dataset CodeXGLUE, obtain the highest detection accuracy of 64.34%.
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Key words
Vulnerability Detection,Graph Neural Network,Deep Learning,Software Security
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