Research on Rutting Deformation Monitoring Method Based on Intelligent Aggregate.

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems(2022)

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During the long-term service of asphalt pavement, under the combined action of repeated loads and environmental factors, asphalt pavement will gradually appear small damage. When the damage accumulates to a certain extent, the asphalt pavement will have serious rutting deformation, resulting in poor highway flatness and greatly reducing the service life of the asphalt pavement. The traditional monitoring methods of pavement rutting deformation need high environmental detection conditions. At the same time, there are some problems, such as subjective judgment standard and unable to monitor in real time. The commonly used road surface coring detection methods will destroy the original continuous structure of the pavement and easily cause internal damage of the pavement under the action of rain and snow environment. In this study, based on the intelligent aggregate (IA) equipped with high-precision attitude sensor, a new pavement rutting deformation monitoring method was proposed. Combined with the indoor rutting experiment, the relationship model between intelligent aggregate attitude change and rutting deformation was established, and the relationship model between real pavement rutting deformation and intelligent aggregate attitude change was established by finite element method, so as to realize the rutting deformation monitoring method based on Intelligent aggregate.
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Aggregates,Asphalt,Strain,Monitoring,Compaction,Loading,Correlation,Intelligent aggregate (IA),asphalt pavement,rut deformation,attitude signal law
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