Identification and Detection of Biological Information on Tiny Biological Targets Based on Subtle Differences


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In order to detect different biological features and dynamic tiny targets with subtle features more accurately and efficiently and analyze the subtle differences of biological features, this paper proposes classifying and identifying the local contour edge images of biological features and different types of targets and reveals high similarities in their subtle features. Taking pigeons as objects, there is little difference in appearance between female pigeons and male pigeons. Traditional methods need to manually observe the morphology near the anus of pigeons to identify their sex or carry out chromosome examination or even molecular biological examination to achieve accurate sex identification. In this paper, a compound marker region for extracting gender features is proposed. This area has a strong correlation with the gender difference of pigeons, and its area's proportion is low, which can reduce calculation costs. A dual-weight image fusion feature enhancement algorithm based on edge detection is proposed. After the color information and contour information of the image are extracted, a new feature enhancement image is fused according to a pair of weights, and the difference between tiny features increased so as to realize the detection and identification of pigeon sex by visual methods. The results show that the detection accuracy is 98%, and the F1 value is 0.98. Compared with the original data set without any enhancement, the accuracy increased by 32% and the F1 score increased by 0.35. Experiments show that this method can achieve accurate visual sex classifications of pigeons and provide intelligent decision data for pigeon breeding.
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deep learning, monomorphic birds, edge detection, feature enhancement, image fusion
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