The Study of Hypoglycemic Activity of 7-Terpenylcoumarins.

Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)(2022)

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Natural and synthetic coumarins are often considered privileged scaffolds for obtaining pharmacological agents with hypoglycemic activity. Chemical modification of coumarins often leads to antidiabetic agents with greater efficacy. In the present work, twenty monoterpene-substituted 7-hydroxycoumarins were synthesized. A new approach using the Mitsunobu reaction was shown to be effective for the synthesis of target compounds. All of the synthesized compounds were evaluated in an oral glucose tolerance test, and two of them containing geranyl and (-)-myrtenyl substituents showed in vivo hypoglycemic action. A possible mechanism of action of these compounds may include inhibition of DPP IV, which was proved in an in vitro test.
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DPP IV,OGTT,coumarins,diabetes mellitus,hypoglycemic activity,terpene
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