Electromagnetic induction for reinforced concrete bursting: principles, simulations, experiments, and applications.

Min Wang, Zhan Wang, Zhaojun Chen, Xiaopeng Wang,Ruichan Lv

Optics letters(2023)

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Reinforced concrete (RC) structures are widely used in the field of architecture. With the rapid development of highway construction all over the world, some such buildings need to be demolished. However, various traditional dismantling methods are either time-consuming and labor-intensive, or cause pollution and present certain safety hazards. In this research, COMSOL simulation and experimental verification of various schemes of electromagnetic heating used for bursting RC was carried out. Also, the conducted bursting experiments using electromagnetic waves-including microwaves-were further processed to verify their infeasibility. Finally, we proposed a feasible electromagnetic heating device for bursting RC. Compared with the traditional bursting technology, the device has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, and convenience, and has high social and practical value.
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