OmniScribe: Authoring Immersive Audio Descriptions for 360° Videos

Ruei-Che Chang, Chao-Hsien Ting, Chia-Sheng Hung, Wan-Chen Lee, Liang-Jin Chen, Yu-Tzu Chao,Bing-Yu Chen,Anhong Guo

User Interface Software and Technology(2022)

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ABSTRACT Blind people typically access videos via audio descriptions (AD) crafted by sighted describers who comprehend, select, and describe crucial visual content in the videos. 360° video is an emerging storytelling medium that enables immersive experiences that people may not possibly reach in everyday life. However, the omnidirectional nature of 360° videos makes it challenging for describers to perceive the holistic visual content and interpret spatial information that is essential to create immersive ADs for blind people. Through a formative study with a professional describer, we identified key challenges in describing 360° videos and iteratively designed OmniScribe, a system that supports the authoring of immersive ADs for 360° videos. OmniScribe uses AI-generated content-awareness overlays for describers to better grasp 360° video content. Furthermore, OmniScribe enables describers to author spatial AD and immersive labels for blind users to consume the videos immersively with our mobile prototype. In a study with 11 professional and novice describers, we demonstrated the value of OmniScribe in the authoring workflow; and a study with 8 blind participants revealed the promise of immersive AD over standard AD for 360° videos. Finally, we discuss the implications of promoting 360° video accessibility.
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