Analysis of the Influence of Decision Module Performance on Transient Events in Steam Generator Level Control

Liu Dao-Guang, Luan Zhen-Hua, Fang Zi-Rui, Yan Xin-hong, Liu Shuang-Jin,Jun Liang

Nuclear Power Plants: Innovative Technologies for Instrumentation and Control Systems(2022)

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Decision module is widely used in nuclear power plant, participating in important control and protection system. Decision module performance directly affects the response of important control and protection, which is important for the security and stable operation of the nuclear power plant. This paper researches the impact of the decision module used in the steam generator level control system, which causes most of the unexpected reactor trip events. The transient response of two units is used to explain the process of decision module failure. The optimization scheme and configuration strategy of the application effect is provided. The scheme has been used in several units and is an important reference for the commissioning tests of nuclear power plant.
Decision module, Steam generator level control, Transient response, Logic configuration
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