Tailoring the structural and magnetic traits of copper modified BaFe12O19 nanostructured hexaferrites for recording media application

Anand Sharma,Rohit Jasrotia, Nisha Kumari,Sanjay Kumar, Suman,Ankit Verma, Sachin Kumar Godara, Jahangeer Ahmed, Saad M. Alshehri, Asiya M. Tamboli,Susheel Kalia, Khalid M. Batoo,Rajesh Kumar

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials(2022)

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•Barium nanohexaferrites, with a chemical composition of Ba1-0.5xCu0.5xFe12O19 (x = 0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3) have been successfully produced using the sol–gel auto-combustion approach.•XRD patterns of synthesized specimens’ shows the formational of hexagonal-like crystal structure with P63/mmc space geometry.•FESEM studies of the BM2 and BM3 specimens reveal the presence of agglomerated grains with a hexagonal shape and an average size of ∼ 277 and ∼ 469 nm.•TEM image of BM1 nanohexaferrite illustrates the production of the nanoparticles that are agglomeratedand spherical, and have an average particle size of 53.32 nm.•Admirable values of Ms (28.31–59.97 emu/g) and Hc (684–2563 Oe) were obtained, making these nanohexaferrites as beneficial candidates for the recording media and EMI shielding applications.
BaM nanohexaferrites,Cu modification,Sol-Gel auto-combustion route,Crystal structure,Saturation magnetization
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