Chaotic Pulse-Shaping Filter Based on Root-Raised-Cosine Division.

Xiaosi Tian,Zulin Wang,Qin Huang


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Chaotic baseband wireless communication system (CBWCS) suffers bit error rate (BER) degradation due to their intrinsic intersymbol interference (ISI). To this end, an ISI-free chaotic filter based on root-raised-cosine (RRC) division is constructed to generate a chaotic signal. A wireless communication system using this chaotic signal as a baseband waveform is proposed. The chaotic property is proved by the corresponding new hybrid dynamical system with topological conjugation to symbolic sequences and a positive Lyapunov exponent. Simulation results show that under a single-path channel and multi-path channel, the proposed method outperforms CBWCS in both BER performance and computational complexity.
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Key words
ISI,Lyapunov exponent,chaotic filter,dynamical system,wireless communication
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