A PN-based Adaptive Deadlock Control of Automated Manufacturing Systems With Unreliable Resources

Shuai Niu,Nan Du,Yan Yang, Zhiwen Wang

2022 37th Youth Academic Annual Conference of Chinese Association of Automation (YAC)(2022)

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In the context of automated manufacturing systems (AMSs), Petri nets (PNs) have attracted wide attentions for their abilities to describe concurrent and conflicting behaviors and to reflect dynamic characteristics. Based on PNs, this paper studies blocking and deadlock issues for AMSs with unreliable resources, where unreliable resources are subject to accidental failures. Deadlocks first detected by using a set of mathematical formulas. An adaptive deadlock control strategy is then proposed by analyzing the relationships between deadlocks and unreliable resources, which can automatically accommodate the system’s work modes to adapt to the failures and recoveries of resources, ensuring that the controlled systems run smoothly without deadlocks and blockages even if some unreliable resources fail. Finally, we give examples to validate the effectiveness of our proposed method.
Petri net,adaptive control,deadlock detection,automated manufacturing system (AMS)
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