Persistent Dirac for molecular representation

Scientific reports(2023)

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Molecular representations are of fundamental importance for the modeling and analysing molecular systems. The successes in drug design and materials discovery have been greatly contributed by molecular representation models. In this paper, we present a computational framework for molecular representation that is mathematically rigorous and based on the persistent Dirac operator. The properties of the discrete weighted and unweighted Dirac matrix are systematically discussed, and the biological meanings of both homological and non-homological eigenvectors are studied. We also evaluate the impact of various weighting schemes on the weighted Dirac matrix. Additionally, a set of physical persistent attributes that characterize the persistence and variation of spectrum properties of Dirac matrices during a filtration process is proposed to be molecular fingerprints. Our persistent attributes are used to classify molecular configurations of nine different types of organic-inorganic halide perovskites. The combination of persistent attributes with gradient boosting tree model has achieved great success in molecular solvation free energy prediction. The results show that our model is effective in characterizing the molecular structures, demonstrating the power of our molecular representation and featurization approach.
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Computational science,Machine learning,Solar cells,Science,Humanities and Social Sciences,multidisciplinary
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