NeuroCARE: A generic neuromorphic edge computing framework for healthcare applications


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Highly accurate classification methods for multi-task biomedical signal processing are reported, including neural networks. However, reported works are computationally expensive and power-hungry. Such bottlenecks make it hard to deploy existing approaches on edge platforms such as mobile and wearable devices. Gaining motivation from the good performance and high energy-efficiency of spiking neural networks (SNNs), a generic neuromorphic framework for edge healthcare and biomedical applications are proposed and evaluated on various tasks, including electroencephalography (EEG) based epileptic seizure prediction, electrocardiography (ECG) based arrhythmia detection, and electromyography (EMG) based hand gesture recognition. This approach, NeuroCARE, uses a unique sparse spike encoder to generate spike sequences from raw biomedical signals and makes classifications using the spike-based computing engine that combines the advantages of both CNN and SNN. An adaptive weight mapping method specifically co-designed with the spike encoder can efficiently convert CNN to SNN without performance deterioration. The evaluation results show that the overall performance, including the classification accuracy, sensitivity and F1 score, achieve 92.7, 96.7, and 85.7% for seizure prediction, arrhythmia detection and hand gesture recognition, respectively. In comparison with CNN topologies, the computation complexity is reduced by over 80.7% while the energy consumption and area occupation are reduced by over 80% and over 64.8%, respectively, indicating that the proposed neuromorphic computing approach is energy and area efficient and of high precision, which paves the way for deployment at edge platforms.
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epileptic seizure prediction,arrhythmia detection,hand gesture recognition,biomedical signal processing,neuromorphic computing
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