Expression analysis of Carassius auratus-leukocyte-immune-type receptors (CaLITRs) during goldfish kidney macrophage development and in activated kidney leukocyte cultures.

Jiahui Wang, Amro M Soliman, Jeff Norlin,Daniel R Barreda,James L Stafford


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Carassius auratus leukocyte immune-type receptors (CaLITRs) were recently discovered immunoregulatory receptors in goldfish that have diverse immunoglobulin-like (Ig-like) ectodomains and intracellular signaling motifs. Genomic analysis shows that CaLITR-types are also located as distinct gene clusters across multiple goldfish chromosomes. For example, CaLITR1 (unplaced) is a functionally ambiguous receptor having two Ig-like domains, a transmembrane domain (TM), and a short cytoplasmic tail (CYT) devoid of any recognizable signaling motifs. CaLITR2 (Chr47) is a putative inhibitory receptor containing four Ig-like domains, a TM, and a long CYT with an immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibition motif (ITIM) and immunoreceptor tyrosine-based switch motif (ITSM). A putative activating receptor-type, CaLITR3 (Chr3), has four Ig-like domains, a TM, and a short CYT containing a positively charged histidine residue and CaLITR4 (ChrLG28B) is a receptor with putative multifunctional signaling potential as well as five Ig-like domains, a TM, and a long tyrosine-motif containing CYT region. The variable genomic locations of the CaLITRs suggest that they are likely under the influence of different cis- and/or trans-regulatory elements. To better understand the transcriptional activities of select CaLITRs from variable genomic regions, we used an RT-qPCR-based approach to examine the expression of CaLITR1, CaLITR2, CaLITR3, and CaLITR4 during goldfish primary kidney macrophage (PKM) development and in mixed leukocyte reaction cultures (MLRs) of the goldfish. Our results showed that the select CaLITRs are differentially expressed during PKM development and in goldfish MLRs exposed to T-cell mitogens/immunosuppressive drugs, supporting that the transcription of these CaLITRs is likely regulated by distinct cis- and/or trans-regulatory elements.
Carassius auratus leukocyte immune-type receptors (CaLITRs),Goldfish mixed leukocyte reaction cultures (MLRs),Immunoregulatory receptors,Innate immunity,Leukocyte immune-type receptors
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