LC-MS Analysis, Computational Investigation, and Antimalarial Studies of Azadirachta indica Fruit.

Kolade O Faloye,Stephen A Adesida, Samuel A Oguntimehin,Adetola H Adewole, Olajide B Omoyeni, Sunday J Fajobi, Jeremiah P Ugwo, Isaac D Asiyanbola, Victoria O Bamimore, Emmanuel G Fakola, Olayemi J Oladiran,Michael Spiteller

Bioinformatics and biology insights(2023)

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Malaria is a deadly disease that continues to pose a threat to children and maternal well-being. This study was designed to identify the chemical constituents in the ethanolic fruit extract of , elucidate the pharmacological potentials of identified phytochemicals through the density functional theory method and carry out the antimalarial activity of extract using chemosuppression and curative models. The liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) analysis of the ethanolic extract was carried out, followed by the density functional theory studies of the identified phytochemicals using B3LYP and 6-31G (d, p) basis set. The antimalarial assays were performed using the chemosuppression (4 days) and curative models. The LC-MS fingerprint of the extract led to the identification of desacetylnimbinolide, nimbidiol, O-methylazadironolide, nimbidic acid, and desfurano-6α-hydroxyazadiradione. Also, the frontier molecular orbital properties, molecular electrostatic potential, and dipole moment studies revealed the identified phytochemicals as possible antimalarial agents. The ethanolic extract of fruit gave 83% suppression at 800 mg/kg, while 84% parasitaemia clearance was obtained in the curative study. The study provided information about the phytochemicals and background pharmacological evidences of the antimalarial ethnomedicinal claim of fruit. Thus, isolation and structure elucidation of the identified phytochemicals from the active ethanolic extract and extensive antimalarial studies towards the discovery of new therapeutic agents is recommended for further studies.
Azadirachta indica,Malaria,chemosuppression,curative,density functional theory,liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
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