STWD-SFNN: Sequential three-way decisions with a single hidden layer feedforward neural network

Information Sciences(2023)

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The three-way decisions strategy has been employed to construct network topology in a single hidden layer feedforward neural network (SFNN). However, this model has a general performance, and does not consider the process costs, since it has fixed threshold parameters. Inspired by the sequential three-way decisions (STWD), this paper proposes STWD with an SFNN (STWD-SFNN) to enhance the performance of networks on structured datasets. STWD-SFNN adopts multi-granularity levels to dynamically learn the number of hidden layer nodes from coarse to fine, and set the sequential threshold parameters. Specifically, at the coarse granular level, STWD-SFNN handles easy-to-classify instances by applying strict threshold conditions, and with the increasing number of hidden layer nodes at the fine granular level, STWD-SFNN focuses more on disposing of the difficult-to-classify instances by applying loose threshold conditions, thereby realizing the classification of instances. Moreover, STWD-SFNN considers and reports the process cost produced from each granular level. The experimental results verify that STWD-SFNN has a more compact network on structured datasets than other SFNN models, and has better generalization performance than the competitive models. All models and datasets can be downloaded from
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Key words
Network topology,Hidden layer node,Sequential three-way decisions,Granular level,Sequential thresholds
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