F2-NeRF: Fast Neural Radiance Field Training with Free Camera Trajectories

Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)(2023)

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This paper presents a novel grid-based NeRF called F2-NeRF (Fast-Free-NeRF) for novel view synthesis, which enables arbitrary input camera trajectories and only costs a few minutes for training. Existing fast grid-based NeRF training frameworks, like Instant-NGP, Plenoxels, DVGO, or TensoRF, are mainly designed for bounded scenes and rely on space warping to handle unbounded scenes. Existing two widely-used space-warping methods are only designed for the forward-facing trajectory or the 360-degree object-centric trajectory but cannot process arbitrary trajectories. In this paper, we delve deep into the mechanism of space warping to handle unbounded scenes. Based on our analysis, we further propose a novel space-warping method called perspective warping, which allows us to handle arbitrary trajectories in the grid-based NeRF framework. Extensive experiments demonstrate that F2-NeRF is able to use the same perspective warping to render high-quality images on two standard datasets and a new free trajectory dataset collected by us. Project page: https://totoro97.github.io/projects/f2-nerf.
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