L-shell x-ray production cross sections in 50Sn by 100 keV–300 keV protons

Xianming Zhou,Jing Wei,Rui Cheng, Yanning zhang, Ying Zhang, Yanhong Chen,Xiaoan Zhang,Yongtao Zhao

Radiation Physics and Chemistry(2023)

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The L-shell x-ray emission of 50Sn has been investigated for the impact of proton with energies from 100 keV to 300 keV. The experimental cross section of individual Lι, Lα, Lβ, Lγ and total L x rays were obtained from the yield. This is significant for the enrichment of existing database and PIXE analysis in applications. The results were compared with the data available in literature, as well as to the theoretical estimations of BEA, PWBA, ECPSSR and ECUSAR using various atomic parameters and considering correction of multiple ionization. The influences of the modification of united atom approximation, the multi-ionized atomic parameters and the selection of different databases on the theory calculation were discussed. On the whole, the experimental data can be well predicted by ECUSAR-MI calculation with Puri et al. and Campbell's atomic parameters.
L-shell x-ray production cross section,Low energy proton,ECPSSR,United atom approximation,Multiple ionization effect
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