VClinic: A Portable and Efficient Framework for Fine-Grained Value Profilers.

ASPLOS (2)(2023)

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Fine-grained value profilers reveal a promising way to accurately detect value-related software inefficiencies with binary instrumentation. Due to the architecture-dependent implementation details of binary instrumentation, existing value profilers suffer from poor portability as well as high engineering efforts to achieve efficiency across platforms. In this paper, we propose VClinic , a portable and efficient fine-grained value profiling framework for analyzing highly optimized binaries on both X86 and ARM platforms. VClinic exploits operand-centric two-level designs in its implementation to provide the common building blocks required for value profilers. By constructing four representative value profilers with VClinic , we demonstrate that VClinic can ease the development of value profilers with portability and efficiency across platforms. Guided by the value profilers built upon VClinic , we can achieve up to 89.94% and 74.66% speedup for real-world programs on X86 and ARM platforms, respectively.
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