How Organic Networking meets 6G Campus Network Management Challenges.


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By comprehending the requirements of 6G network management systems and by anticipating how current network management trends need to evolve, this work sets the floor and provides an overview and architecture for AI-/ML- and Intent-based organic network management. The commonalities of current visions of upcoming 6G networks, currently foreseen technologies to be utilized within 6G, anticipated network performance parameters, targeted 6G use cases and deployment types are analyzed. Candidate technologies that have the potential of meeting the discussed network management challenges, are identified. We provide an overview of how AI/ML is already used for autonomic network management and how Intent-based Networking provides the required means for improved administration and multi-factorial network optimizations. Next, the AI/ML and Intent-based organic network management is introduced, and an overview of its capabilities provided. Finally, we present an organic network management reference implementation.
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6G,Network Management,Autonomic NetworkManagement,AI-/ML-based Network Automation,Intent-based Networking,Organic Networking
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