OO-dMVMT: A Deep Multi-view Multi-task Classification Framework for Real-time 3D Hand Gesture Classification and Segmentation


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Continuous mid-air hand gesture recognition based on captured hand pose streams is fundamental for human-computer interaction, particularly in AR / VR. However, many of the methods proposed to recognize heterogeneous hand gestures are tested only on the classification task, and the real-time low-latency gesture segmentation in a continuous stream is not well addressed in the literature. For this task, we propose the On-Off deep Multi-View Multi-Task paradigm (OO-dMVMT). The idea is to exploit multiple time-local views related to hand pose and movement to generate rich gesture descriptions, along with using heterogeneous tasks to achieve high accuracy. OO-dMVMT extends the classical MVMT paradigm, where all of the multiple tasks have to be active at each time, by allowing specific tasks to switch on/off depending on whether they can apply to the input. We show that OO-dMVMT defines the new SotA on continuous/online 3D skeleton-based gesture recognition in terms of gesture classification accuracy, segmentation accuracy, false positives, and decision latency while maintaining real-time operation.
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