K-shell X-ray of Al produced by collisions of ions with near Bohr velocities br


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X-ray emissionproduced by highly charged ions with the energy range near the Bohr velocity involvescomplicated atomic process. However, duo to the limitation of experimental conditions, the relevant researchesare nearly absent. It is unclear whether the existing theory is applicable in such an energy range. This needsfurther exploring. In the present work, K X-ray spectra of Al excited by H+, He2+ and highly charged heavyions I22+ and Xe20+ are investigated by using an Si drift X-ray detector in the energy range near the Bohrvelocity. The X-ray production cross sections are extracted from the X-ray counts and compared with thetheoretical simulations from PWBA, ECPSSR and modified BEA model. It is indicated that the cross sectionincreases with the augment of projectile energy. With the same incident energy per nucleon, the cross sectioninduced by highly charged heavy ions is a factor of about 104 larger than that by light ions . With the impact ofH+ and He2+ ions, the K-shell electrons are mainly knocked off through the direct Coulomb ionization, and theX-ray emission cross section can be well predicted by ECPSSR theory. For the bombardment of highly chargedheavy ions I22+ and Xe20+, except for the Coulomb ionization, the orbital electrons can also be excited byelectron capture. The BEA simulation after being modified by both Coulomb repulsion and effective charge can well predict the X-ray production cross section
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