PRIME: A Price-Reverting Impact Model of a cryptocurrency Exchange

arXiv (Cornell University)(2023)

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In a financial exchange, market impact is a measure of the price change of an asset following a transaction. This is an important element of market microstructure, which determines the behaviour of the market following a trade. In this paper, we first provide a discussion on the market impact observed in the BTC/USD Futures market, then we present a novel multi-agent market simulation that can follow an underlying price series, whilst maintaining the ability to reproduce the market impact observed in the market in an explainable manner. This simulation of the financial exchange allows the model to interact realistically with market participants, helping its users better estimate market slippage as well as the knock-on consequences of their market actions. In turn, it allows various stakeholders such as industrial practitioners, governments and regulators to test their market hypotheses, without deploying capital or destabilising the system.
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cryptocurrency exchange,impact,price-reverting
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