ULIP-2: Towards Scalable Multimodal Pre-training For 3D Understanding

Le Xue,Ning Yu,Shu Zhang,Junnan Li,Roberto Martín-Martín,Jiajun Wu大牛学者,Caiming Xiong大牛学者,Ran Xu, Juan Carlos Niebles,Silvio Savarese大牛学者


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Recent advancements in multimodal pre-training methods have shown promising efficacy in 3D representation learning by aligning features across 3D modality, their 2D counterpart modality, and corresponding language modality. However, the methods used by existing multimodal pre-training frameworks to gather multimodal data for 3D applications lack scalability and comprehensiveness, potentially constraining the full potential of multimodal learning. The main bottleneck lies in the language modality's scalability and comprehensiveness. To address this bottleneck, we introduce ULIP-2, a multimodal pre-training framework that leverages state-of-the-art multimodal large language models (LLMs) pre-trained on extensive knowledge to automatically generate holistic language counterparts for 3D objects. We conduct experiments on two large-scale datasets, Objaverse and ShapeNet55, and release our generated three-modality triplet datasets (3D Point Cloud - Image - Language), named "ULIP-Objaverse Triplets" and "ULIP-ShapeNet Triplets". ULIP-2 requires only 3D data itself and eliminates the need for any manual annotation effort, demonstrating its scalability; and ULIP-2 achieves remarkable improvements on downstream zero-shot classification on ModelNet40 (74% Top1 Accuracy). Moreover, ULIP-2 sets a new record on the real-world ScanObjectNN benchmark (91.5% Overall Accuracy) while utilizing only 1.4 million parameters(~10x fewer than current SOTA), signifying a breakthrough in scalable multimodal 3D representation learning without human annotations. The code and datasets are available at https://github.com/salesforce/ULIP.
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