Fully Printed Thin Film Transistors: Key Materials and Applications

Innovative Technologies for Printing and Packaging(2023)

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Thin film transistors (TFTs) have been deeply studied as the core component of many information electronic systems and have made great progress in high-performance material research and multifunctional applications of devices. Due to the excellent flexibility and solution-processability, the preparation of TFTs can be highly integrated with a variety of printing technologies, which is convenient for manufacturing large-scale, low-cost, and large-scale TFTs. Many research groups are working hard to realize the application of flexible thin film transistors with high mechanical and electrical stability in emerging technology fields such as electronic skin and wearable devices. Fully printed TFTs have received extensive attention with the rapid development of soluble materials. Starting from the fully printed TFTs, this review discusses the printing compatible ink materials for different components of TFTs, including metal nanoparticle materials, carbon-based materials, and polymer materials. The applications of thin film transistors in the fields of flexible displays and sensors are also summarized. Finally, the challenges and future research direction for the full printed TFTs are discussed.
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printed thin film transistors,thin film
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