Quo Vadis? - Comprehensive Viewpoint on German Educational Research in Engineering

2023 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON)(2023)

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What are recent topics in engineering education research addressed by the German scientific community? What are current trends, loose ends, and open directions? Is the research conducted locally or in networks across institutions? Following these questions, we aim to seize the German research community's trends, research directions, and contexts. We survey a systematic literature review covering publications of German researchers published in education-related conferences and jour-nals affiliated to IEEE between 2019 and 2022, resulting in 205 contributions in total. We analyze these works and illustrate results as contributions per topic, authors per institution, and the cross-work between institutions. The most prevalent topics turned out to be educational research, followed by curriculum design and remote instruction. Distinguishable, the German community also rehearse research for the K-12 level and develop Gamification techniques with the 18 % of contributions. Furthermore, we observe teams of three authors per contribution on average, and approximately 15 % of contributions are in collaboration among different institutions. On the basis of the literature review, we additionally provide our in-depth viewpoint discussing potential directions for German researchers and open a debate for best practices in supporting research on educational topics. We elaborate on effective means for promoting educational research in the community, more accessibility to learning technologies, and promotion of cross-work among institutions for further steeping the teaching research community within the IEEE.
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engineering educational research,teaching strategies,academia,STEM
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