Online and reliable SFC protection scheme of distributed cloud network for future IoT application

Computer Communications(2023)

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The implementation of intelligent device-free sensing (IDFS) necessitates a substantial number of edge IoT devices to extend the service coverage. Prior to deploying these IoT applications on a large scale, a reliable service provision scheme is imperative. In recent years, network function virtualization (NFV) technologies enable fast and convenient service provision by instantiating service function chain (SFC) in the distributed cloud network. However, ensuring resilient service provision is a challenge in NFV environment due to the vulnerability of software-defined network functions. Furthermore, the sequential arrangement of virtual network functions (VNFs) in SFC exacerbates the situation, as the malfunction of any VNFs within the SFC could result in the collapse of the associated service. In this paper, we firstly built a mathematical model for SFC online reliability protection and resource consumption optimization. We then propose a multi-mode VNF backup scheme to guarantee the different reliability requirements for various services. Furthermore, a novel SFC Online Reliability Protection (SORP) scheme is introduced to handle the dynamic SFC requests in distributed cloud network. The simulation results evince the efficacy of the SORP scheme in mitigating service failures and achieving a superior request acceptance ratio, while concurrently reducing average bandwidth consumption, which is particularly noteworthy in high latency scenarios.
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reliable sfc protection scheme,cloud network
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