Superpixel-Based Linear Reconstruction Method for Dual-Camera Compressed Hyperspectral Imaging System

SSRN Electronic Journal(2023)

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Compressive spectral imaging systems have received significant research attention in recent years. Among these systems, the dual-camera compressive hyperspectral imaging (DCCHI) design, has the potential to improve imaging resolution while maintaining the snapshot advantage. In this paper, we propose superpixel-based linear reconstruction methods for DCCHI system. Specifically, we assume that the spectral intensity of the superpixels generated from the RGB image varies linearly in the spectral dimension. Instead of addressing an ill-posed problem, we reconstruct hyperspectral images via solving overdetermined equations using the least squares method, resulting in a significant reduction in both computation time and memory usage. To further enhance the reconstruction accuracy, we extend the spectra of superpixels from a 1D linear space into a 3D space with an RGB spectral response matrix. Despite the simplicity of our method, it offers improved reconstruction accuracy of hyperspectral images compared to other state-of-the-art methods. Furthermore, it is more efficient in terms of memory usage and computational time.
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Key words
Compressed spectral imaging, Reconstruction methods, Dual-camera, DCCHI, Superpixel
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