Citizen and Stakeholder Engagement in the Development and Deployment of Automated Mobility Services, as Exemplified in the SHOW Project

Delphine Grandsart,Henriette Cornet,Matina Loukea, Stéphanie Coeugnet-Chevrier, Natacha Metayer,Anna Anund,Anna Sjörs Dahlman

Smart Energy for Smart TransportLecture Notes in Intelligent Transportation and Infrastructure(2023)

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The H2020-funded SHOW project (SHared automation Operating models forWorldwide adoption) supports the deployment of connected, cooperative and automated mobility (CCAM) through real-life pilot demonstrations taking place in 20 cities across Europe. While CCAM has the potential to bring great benefits to citizens and society, user acceptance is a crucial challenge to address. In this paper, we explore the importance of citizen and stakeholder engagement in the development of new mobility services, and how such aspects have been integrated and applied in SHOW. User acceptance surveys are being conducted at different stages in the project. In addition, dedicated citizen and stakeholder engagement activities are organized, including Ideathons and Hackathons. By engaging both citizens as potential end-users and stakeholders in the development process, we aim to ensure that SHOWservices meet their needs and requirements and to increase the positive impacts on society.
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Key words
Automated mobility, Automated vehicles, CCAM, Citizen engagement, Stakeholder engagement, User acceptance
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