Research Progress in Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Transistors by Printing Technologies

Innovative Technologies for Printing and PackagingLecture Notes in Electrical Engineering(2023)

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In recent years, electronic products have continued to develop rapidly toward the trend of thinness, personalization, flexibility, high performance, high density, and multi-functional integration, and the development and research of new semiconductor materials and field-effect transistors (FETs) have become a hot topic of research today. With its excellent electrical, mechanical, and chemical properties, carbon nanotubes can be combined with printed electronics to become one of the most ideal channel materials for next-generation chips and flexible electronics. This paper outlines the separation methods of semiconductor carbon nanotubes and the research progress of printed carbon nanotube thin-film transistors in the fields of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and wearable electronics, and summarizes the challenges and opportunities for printed carbon nanotube thin-film transistor devices.
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Carbon nanotubes, Thin-film transistors, Printing electronics technologies, Separation methods
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