Trajectory planning for unmanned skid-steering vehicle

Zhaoxia Meng,Dequan Zeng,Yiming Hu,Bo Leng, Zhengkai Zhan,Liang Shao, Qiang Li, Chagen Luo,Zhipeng Sun

Journal of Physics: Conference Series(2023)

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Abstract To make a trajectory enough to track unmanned skid-steering vehicles, a planning method is proposed in this paper. The planner consists of velocity planning, curvature planning, and path planning. Subject to the constraints of jerk and acceleration, velocity planning has five possibilities. Then taking curvature constraints into account, curvature planning has three possibilities. And according to the velocity sequence and curvature sequence, the path information of the trajectory can be obtained by the kinematic model. To verify the presented method, a simulation scenario is designed. The test result shows that the proposed method could generate a sufficiently smooth trajectory with satisfying all the constraints, including acceleration, jerk, and curvature.
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