In-Band Networking and Fault Adjustment Mechanism of SDN System Based on ONOS and P4

Xu Huang, Wei Niu,Kuo Guo,Jia Chen

Communications in Computer and Information ScienceEmerging Networking Architecture and Technologies(2023)

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With the rapid growth of network traffic and more diversified user requirements, Traditional network is exposing more and more shortcomings. Its closed network equipment has built-in many complex protocols, which increases the difficulty to customize and optimize the network. Based on the Software Defined Network (SDN) architecture, this paper designs and implements a new inband networking system of SDN with Programming Protocol-independent Packet Processors (P4) and Open Network Operating System (ONOS) for military network communication scenarios. We propose an in-band networking mechanism and an optimal path selection and fault adjustment algorithm for control plane networking in the battlefield environment, which presents a solution for the application of SDN network tomilitary network communication scenarios. The experiment result shows that the system modules canwork together well in a coordinated manner to build a control plane in-band network. These modules also can quickly adjust burst faults at a fine-grained level. The system can provide dynamic networking support for major events or emergency tasks. The performance testing shows that the optimal path selection algorithm proposed in this paper can help the network system to complete routing redirection quickly. In addition, in larger networks, the fault adjustment method shows better performance than the OSPF protocol in terms of route convergence time.
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Key words
Software Defined Network, Military network, In-band networking, Programmable network technology, Fault adjustment
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