Nos, o povo? Uma analise automatizada e qualitativa de quem e o povo no Twitter de Jair Bolsonaro


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One pillar of democracy is its definition, according to which it represen-ts the government of the people, by the people, for the people. Thus, the people category plays a decisive role in democratic countries, both institu-tionally and symbolically, and is used as a component of the most diverse discourses and positions in the democratic spectrum, including populism and its digital aspects. This article investigates the construction of the idea of people in Jair Bolsonaro's tweets, trying to understand how this cons-truction takes place and what idea of people can be deduced therefrom. We evaluated whether the data corroborated a populist stance on the part of the president's official profile on Twitter. To this end, tweets archived in the "Wayback Machine" containing the word "people" were collected from December 31, 2019, to June 17, 2022. Checking was done directly on Twi-tter using the collected identification numbers to search for the tweets. We identified that the notion of people in Jair Bolsonaro's speech on Twitter is unclear, but these "people" are called to support the populist politician, re-sulting in mobilization and a permanent political campaign focused on di-sinformation with an appeal to emotion and religiosity.
Democracy, populism, social media, Twitter, Jair Bolsonaro
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