Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease as an Emerging Risk Factor for Heart Failure.

Current heart failure reports(2023)

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Recent observational cohort studies supported a significant association between NAFLD and the long-term risk of new-onset HF. Notably, this risk remained statistically significant even after adjustment for age, sex, ethnicity, adiposity measures, pre-existing type 2 diabetes and other common cardiometabolic risk factors. In addition, the risk of incident HF was further increased with more advanced liver disease, especially with higher severity of liver fibrosis. There are multiple potential pathophysiological mechanisms by which NAFLD (especially in its more advanced forms) may increase the risk of new-onset HF. Because of the strong link existing between NAFLD and HF, more careful surveillance of these patients will be needed. However, further prospective and mechanistic studies are required to better decipher the existing but complex link between NAFLD and risk of new-onset HF.
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