Test mass 6-DOF control allocation based on the null space for space gravitational wave mission

Aerospace Science and Technology(2023)

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This paper proposes a novel 6-DOF control allocation based on the null space for the capture control of the drag-free spacecraft's test mass. Considering the unconstrained case firstly, an unconstrained time-varying weighted least square control allocation method is presented to eliminate the error of the test mass along every DOF synchronously to reach stable state quickly. Subsequently, an improved null-space-based method is proposed to modify the unconstrained solution of the weighted least square control allocation to meet the physical constraints of actuators. Numerical simulations illustrate the efficiency of the proposed control allocation scheme, which realizes coordinated control allocation of 6-DOF generalized forces, reduces allocation errors and computational complexity, and improves the efficiency of capture control of the test mass.
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Key words
Control allocation, Drag-free spacecraft, Inertial sensor, 6-DOF control, Null space, Actuator constraints, Redundant control
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